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 +This is the wiki of the[[https://​​|ABBI project]], which aims at developing and testing rehabilitative technology for visually impaired persons. In particular, the project aims at developing the Audio Bracelet for Blind Interactions (ABBI), a wearable device that provide audio and tactile information about the movement of the person wearing it.   
 +This wiki is intended to provide information for the users and developers of ABBI. 
 +===== Public wiki  ===== 
 +  * {{:​public:​doc:​abbi_datasheet_20151110.pdf| ABBI datasheet }} 
 +  * {{:​public:​doc:​usermanual-advanced-2.04.pdf | ABBI Advanced User Manual v2.0.4}} 
 +Legacy (ABBI first series and applications):​ 
 +  * {{:​public:​doc:​usermanual-en-100.pdf|ABBI user guide (English)}} 
 +  * {{:​public:​doc:​usermanual-it-100.pdf|ABBI user guide (Italian)}} 
 +  * {{::​public:​doc:​usermanualadvanced-101.pdf| ABBI user guide for experimenters}} 
 +You can also get information about the ABBI project on [[https://​​ | ABBI website]]. 
 +===== Private wiki ===== 
 +[[:​private:​development | Hardware and Software Development]] 
 +[[:​private_iit:​distribution | ABBI Distribution]] 
 +[[:​wiki:​abbi_dokuwiki | ABBI DokuWiki Information]]  
 +[[:​private:​events| ABBI Dissemination,​ publications and events]] 
 +[[:​private:​minutes | ABBI Skype meeting minutes ]] 
 +To get access, you need to [[https://​​ |  register]]. Once registered and granted access (the procedure is not automatic), you will be able to access the private part of this wiki (see  
 +[[:​wiki:​abbi_dokuwiki | ABBI DokuWiki Information]] ​ for more information about how access rights are managed by the dokuwiki). Depending on your access rights, you might use the same username and password to access [[https://​​abbi | ABBI SVN]] and [[https://​​index.php/​apps/​files?​dir=/​Shared/​ABBI |  ABBI repository ]].  
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