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ABBI DokuWiki Information

For general information on DokuWiki and its syntax:

DokuWiki Syntax

DokuWiki Guide

Access Control Management

Pages in ABBI DokuWiki can have different access rights depending on the user group. The access rights are:

  • N: No right (permission denied)
  • R: Only read access
  • E: Editing, creating and deleting pages in existing namespace
  • C: Creating new namespaces
  • U: Uploading media (e.g., pictures, document)
  • D: Delete namespaces and media

Access rights are ordered (N<R<E<C<U<D) such as higher rights include lower rights.

In ABBI DokuWiki, access right management is based on user groups and namespaces:

Namespace User Groups
@ALL @abbi_ext @abbi_int @abbi_master
:public: R E E D
:private: N E E D
:private_iit: N N E D
:wiki: N R R E

where the groups are

  • @ALL: all non-registered users
  • @abbi_ext: registered non-IIT ABBI staff
  • @abbi_int: registered IIT ABBI staff
  • @abbi_master: a selected few who understand what namespaces and access control are about :-).

There is also a @abbi_admin group who can do additional things like moving a page or a namespace, installing a plugin, etc.

Non-IIT staff must register on the RBCS portal. Contact if you want to change your access rights.

ABBI namespace structure

A namespace is similar to a directory or folder, while pagenames are similar to files. In DokuWiki you can use namespaces to categorize your pages .

A partial representation of ABBI namespace structure is:


 root namespace (always present)
   └── 'public' namespace
   │       └── 'media' namespace
   └── 'private' namespace
   │       └── 'media' namespace
   │       │
   │       └── 'ble' namespace
   │       │     └── 'media' namespace
   │       │
   │       └── 'fw' namespace
   │       │     └── 'media' namespace
   │       │
   │       └── 'hw' namespace
   │       │     └── 'media' namespace
   │       │
   │       └── 'app' namespace
   │             └── 'media' namespace
   └── 'wiki'namespace                        
   └── 'software'namespace                        


By convention, namespaces and pagenames in this wiki are in lower cases and underscores are be used to separate words.

The root namespaces public and private are used to define access rights. By default, child namespaces inherit access rights from their parent namepage and pages inherit access rights from their namepages. Therefore, all pages under the private namespace will have a restricted access as defined previously, etc.

The media namespace is used to store media (e.g. pictures, videos, documents) that are linked from pages in the corresponding namespace. For example, the picture file pic.jpg inserted in page :private:fw:overview should be placed in namespace :private:fw:media.

New pages and namespaces are created by creating a link and editing the page. Exactly where the page is created depends on the syntax of the link:

  • Absolute paths in links start with a colon : or with the namespace
  • Relative paths start with a colon .

For example, let's assume that one creates the following links in the page :private:development

  1. [[new_page]]
  2. [[:private:new_page]]
  3. [[.ff:new_page]]
  4. [[:private:ff:new_page]]
  5. [[ff:new_page]]
  6. [[:ff:new_page]]
  • 1. is relative to the current namespace and will therefore create the page :private:new_page like 2.
  • 3. starts with a colon is is therefore relative to the current namespace and create the page :private:ff:new_page like 4. In addition, it will create the namespace ff beneath private if it does not exist.
  • Somewhat counter-intuitively, the syntax of 5. refers to an absolute path. It will therefore create page :ff:new_page like 6. In addition, it will create 'ff' in the root directory if it does not exist.

ABBI SVN should normally be used to manage the development of software within the project. However, it might occasionally be useful to upload in the wiki some software to be distributed (e.g. as a zipfile). Software should be placed in the software namespace. Access right will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

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